SSL Certificates Issued Quickly With Our Simplified Validation Process

It's a requirement that SSL Certificate issuers only issue SSL Certificates to those that are permitted to both order and use the SSL Certificate. Usually, SSL Certificates verify that the SSL Certificate holder is the owner of that domain, ensuring visitors that the owner of the SSL Certificate is who they claim to be.

The Validation Process

We use various validation procedures, such as real-time automated e-mail verification. The SSL Certificates we offer are validated and usually issued in real-time using the automated "Approver E-Mail" verification system.

When choosing to purchase an SSL Certificate at SSL Direct, an Approver will be chosen during the ordering process. We will send an Approver E-Mail to the designated Approver. The following generic e-mail addresses are able to be used.


The above addresses are generic addresses. Applicants must choose a generic address to prove that they administer the domain name purchasing the SSL Certificate. If we are able to retrieve the contact e-mail address from the WHOIS database it can also be used.

Sometimes We Need To Queue Orders For Fraud Prevention Reasons

In the event an authentication procedure fails or our system suspects possible fraudulent activity, the order may be queued for manual review. Also, occasionally orders are randomly queued for manual review. Please Contact Us if your order is queued and you require further assistance.

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